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Tone, balance and strength are the keys to a healthy body. Our fitness and kinesis studios offer a holistic approach to physical wellbeing with a range of programmes set in a stimulating environment.

All studio classes – from Metafit to LiveStrong Cycling and high intensity circuit training - are run by a team of highly trained instructors. The fitness studio features ambient lighting that changes the atmosphere according to the activity, from calm relaxation to uptempo energy.

Our dynamic kinesis studio introduces an exciting new way of working that encourages your body to move freely and naturally while working on the key elements of flexibility, strength and balance.

The Gym uses the Technogym Key System which stores your individual fitness programmes and workout history on your own personal key.

The Key System allows exercise machines to be automatically pre-programmed, adjusting distance, speed and workload.

The Key System also monitors your performance and assists the Fitness team in designing a progressive exercise regime that works for you.

One Spa offers a wide variety of Studio classes which include the following:


— LiveStrong Cycling
— Legs, Bums & Tums
— Ab Attack
— Circuits
— Boxing
— Kinesis
— Balance Blast
— Metafit


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