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One To One Sessions

The gym at One Spa in Edinburgh offers a range of intensive One-to-One sessions for members and hotel guests.  These individual training sessions are taken by our Fitness Instructors and have been designed to help you improve your strength and shape whilst reducing subcutaneous fat and minimizing muscle imbalance.  All sessions are tailored to your individual goals and fitness levels.

One Spa Members (At One & Fitness): Complimentary
Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa Guests: £10.00 per session
Duration: 55 minutes per session

For further details please call (0131) 221 7777 or email


Weight Reduction:
 Loose excess fat, speed up metabolism and improve tone.
Muscle Growth: increase muscle mass and definition.
Get Fit: get back in shape, feel good and eliminate muscle imbalances created by long-term overloading of certain muscles.


Aerobic Boxing:
 dynamic shadow boxing to music and uses boxercise techniques like jabs, uppercuts, hooks, elbows, kicks etc.  This session helps to quickly gain physical fitness, reduce fat, and improve body shape. This is a physically demanding session so be prepared!
Boxing Circuit: a high intensity workout focusing on toning all muscle groups through a variety of boxing inspired exercises.


Live Strong Extreme: fast, fun and intensive indoor cycling session to upbeat music with a mix of exercises to strengthen the body.
Live Strong Core: fast, fun and intensive indoor cycling session to upbeat music with mix of abdominal and lower back exercises.

Introduction to Power Plate:
Power Plate is the three-dimensional vibration technology. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training TM to stimulate natural body response to vibration. Power Plate machines improves blood circulation and help to fight osteoporosis by increasing mineral bone density, support the production of collagen which keeps skin flexible plus much more.
Power Plate Tone: tone-up with Power Plate, a unique dimension in fitness training for all ages and physical abilities.


An intense work out that concentrates on the core muscles. Designed to tone and strengthen the abdominals, obliques and lower back.


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