One Spa

Thermal Suite

Step inside and leave the world far behind.

Here in the cocoon-like Thermal Suite lie a series of heat treatments inspired by the ancient Celts and Romans. These beautiful experiences include a gently heated Laconium, blissfully scented Aroma Grotto, warming Tepidarium, refreshing Rainforest showers and Rock & Bio saunas.

Sit down, lie down and let the heat soothe you.

Hammam — providing a scented steam environment to clear the senses.

Aroma Grotto — steam infused with aromatherapy and herbal extracts to enhance the complexion and hair.

Rock Sauna — a classic sauna that has a purifying effect on the body.

Bio Sauna — a combination of heat and humidity infused with an orange essence to create a more gentle experience and enhanced with coloured fibreoptic lights.

Laconium — gentle, dry heat distributed through the floor and benches.

Tepidarium — individual thermal couches release the body's toxins and relax the muscles.

Lifestyle Showers — provides cold mist or scented tropical rain to refresh the mind and cool the body.

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